• Please arrive to your appointment completely free of any eye/brow makeup! We can remove some, but if it does not all come off it can affect your tint results. Clean hairs will ensure the tint can absorb properly.

  • Be clear about the kind of look you’d like. You might prefer a deep, bold color over a softer, more natural shade. Talk it over with us and we can prepare the perfect tint.

  • You will be asked a few questions for your consultation so we can help you get great lashes!

  • First, we’ll discuss how full and natural you want your brows/lashes to look.

  • Then we’ll prep the area being tinted. If it’s lashes, we clean them and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around them to prevent any accidental skin staining. For brows we just clean up the excess around the brow for the same purpose. 

  • We then carefully apply the tint, which will be left on for a few minutes to attain optimal color, then any excess is removed.

  • Don't freak out if you see dye on the skin underneath your brows. It will look bold at first, but this washes away after a day or two. 

  • In some cases, your esthetician will ask if they can take a before and after picture of your service. You can refuse if you are uncomfortable. These pictures will be cropped and lightly edited. They are used solely for advertising purposes and you will not be named.

  • Be sure to pick up your brow and lash aftercare, the Elleplex Advanced Aftercare Serum, to keep your brows and lashes healthy and conditioned!

  • Book your next tinting appointment 3-4 weeks after!


  • Don't get your brows wet or apply anything at all to them. 

  • Avoid steam from showers, dishwashers, etc. and sweat on the brows.

  • Don’t hit the beach or go swimming after. Just like hair dye, the quality of your color can be affected by sun exposure, saltwater and chlorine, so avoid these areas if you want to preserve your tint.

  • Stop your use of growth serums. 

  • Avoid using any retinols, AHA’s, BHA’s, Vitamin A, steroid creams, or skin thinning treatments.

  • No exfoliating the skin throughout the brow or the brow area.

  • Avoid heat treatments.