• Grow out your brows for at least 4 weeks before your appointment so we can give you the best possible shape.

  • No trimming the brows for 4 weeks before.

  • Stop usage of growth serums at least 2 days prior to your lift.

  • Avoid retinoids a few days before your appointment.

  • Please arrive to your appointment completely free of any brow makeup! We can remove some, but if it does not all come off it can affect your brow lamination results.

**This treatment may not be for you if you have skin disorders, watery eyes, prone to eye infections, inflammation around the eye area, hypersensitivity of the eyes, allergies to latex or adhesives, recent eye surgery, hay fever, any eye diseases, or previous reactions to eye treatments.


  • You will be asked a few questions for your consultation so we can help you get great lashes!

  • Your eyes will remain closed throughout the service, this is your time to relax!

  • We start by cleansing the brows so we can properly assess the natural brow and discuss with you what shape and look you’d like to achieve.

  • First we apply the lamination lotion to the brows and brush through them. This creates a chemical process that breaks down the bonds in each hair, allowing them to be moved into a new shape.

  • They will then be covered with cling wrap and will sit for a few minutes to process.You might feel a slight tingling similar to getting your hair colored. We will periodically check on the brows by lifting the cling wrap.

  • The first solution is then removed and the same process will be repeated for the setting solution. This reforms the bonds into their new shape. This is mixed with a brow conditioner to replenish their moisture after the chemical process and to keep your brows in the best optimal health.

  • Once we remove the setting lotion, we then apply the brow tint. This sits for a few minutes and then is removed.

  • Finally, the brows are brushed into their desired position. This can be adjusted depending on the look you would like to achieve. Brows can be brushed up or brushed into a more natural shape. 

  • We finish by letting you see your gorgeous brows!

  • In some cases, your esthetician will ask if they can take a before and after picture of your service. You can refuse if you are uncomfortable. These pictures will be cropped and lightly edited. They are used solely for advertising purposes and you will not be named. 


  • Be sure to pick up your brow aftercare, the Elleplex Advanced Aftercare Serum, to keep your lashes healthy and conditioned!

  • Book your next brow lamination appointment 6-8 weeks after!


  • Don't get your brows wet or apply anything at all to them. 

  • Avoid steam from showers, dishwashers, etc. and sweat on the brows.

  • Avoid sleeping on your face or wearing an eye mask to sleep.

  • Stop your use of growth serum. 

  • Avoid touching, rubbing, or playing with brow hairs.

  • Avoid using any retinols, AHA’s, BHA’s, Vitamin A, steroid creams, or skin thinning treatments.

  • No exfoliating the skin throughout the brow or the brow area.


  • After wetting the brows hairs, brushing them gently back into place is necessary.

  • You can now style and apply any sort of product that you want. It'll be so much easier to get your desired look, even by just brushing them with a spoolie!