Bikini Treatments

What is Bikini Therapy?

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What is the purpose of Bikini Therapy?

Bikini Therapy does all the things a facial does for your face, except it's on your vulva! This treatment helps treat common skin concerns found in the pubic region. It helps improve and maintain skin health in the bikini area by eliminating ingrown hairs, removing dead skin cells, reducing bumps, treating acne, improving elasticity and hydration, and treating light hyperpigmentation.


We know what you’re thinking… “Why does my vulva need a skincare routine?” Because of pubic hair! Since pubic hair is thicker and more coarse than the hair on the rest of our body, they are much more prone to getting stuck under the skin. This can cause ingrown hairs which can lead to dark spots and bumps. They can be very annoying but that is why this treatment is so great. Bikini Therapy will help significantly improve skin health in the bikini area. Those aren’t Bikini Therapy’s only benefits, though. This treatment allows you to correct your skin troubles in those hard to reach areas without having to deal with complicated at-home applications. It's also just a great way to pamper yourself after a waxing session. You’ll leave our shop feeling smooth and refreshed!


If you’re interested in Bikini Therapy, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, be sure to consult your esthetician who is familiar with your skin type. 


How often should I get Bikini Therapy?

Like waxing, the answer to this question varies from client to client and depends on the results you are looking for. Calm & Clarity can be done immediately after a wax, while Breakout & Brighten needs at least 3 days after a wax. Either Therapy can be done in between waxing appointments, but for best results your pubic hair should be minimal for better product absorption in the skin. We recommend doing it at least once a month for the best continuing results.


Can I schedule my Bikini Therapy with my Brazilian wax appointment?

For the Calm & Clarity yes, as that is a soothing treatment. Unfortunately, we recommend waiting at least 3 days after your wax before coming in for the Breakout & Brighten. Bikini Therapy can be done anywhere from 3-5 days after your Brazilian wax to about 15 days after (the area should have minimal hair growth). Since Bikini Therapy does not include a wax, you will want to book a wax prior to your service. Your esthetician can give you a better idea on that timeline based on your hair growth cycle.


Do I have to remove my hair before my Bikini Therapy? 

Yes, the pubic hair must be removed (or at least smaller than the length of a grain of rice) before an esthetician can perform a Bikini Therapy. The main focus of this treatment is the skin. For you to get the best results, your hair must be removed and not grown out longer than around 15 days.


Can I shave before Bikini Therapy? 

Yes, you can shave before getting Bikini Therapy. Of course we prefer that you wax! However, if shaving is your preferred method of hair removal, there are a couple things to consider. 


First, waxing or sugaring is the preferred method of hair removal. These methods pull the hair out from the root, which opens up the pores. Shaving cuts the hair down to the surface of the skin and the rest of the hair root remains intact. Waxing or sugaring will allow the esthetician's products to penetrate deep into the skin without the hair root blocking them.


Secondly, you will need to wait at least 3 days after shaving before going in for your Bikini Therapy. To be safe, consult your esthetician for their preferred timeline as to when you should shave before your appointment.


Does Bikini Therapy hurt?

No at all! Many people find Bikini Therapy to be relaxing and therapeutic. The extractions could bring a bit of discomfort but it doesn’t last long. We take our time learning and practicing every aspect of our services before we perform the services on you. Bikini Therapy is also suitable for all skin types, so your sensitive skin is safe with us! Just be sure to communicate any problems that you may have with skin sensitivity, or any medications that might interfere with the Bikini Therapy treatment to your esthetician.


Can I get Bikini Therapy if I am pregnant?

Yes, Calm & Clarity is great for pregnancy! Like waxing, there is nothing invasive about Bikini Therapy. All of the products we use are applied topically and safe for our pregnant clients. Bikini Therapy is actually a great way to feel confident in your bikini area while you are pregnant (especially in the later months when it gets harder to see what is going on down there). Breakout & Brighten is not recommended for pregnancy due to some ingredients in the products and the high frequency treatment included.


If you are interested in a Bikini Therapy during your pregnancy, we recommend that you get it done more than a month in advance of your due date for best results.


Is this for sensitive skin?

Yes, Calm & Clarity is great for sensitive skin and even helps soothe and calm! Bikini Therapy is also known to be a great stress relieving process such as getting a regular monthly facial, massage, or mani/pedi.


Is Bikini Therapy safe?

Bikini Therapy is completely safe. It is a non-invasive treatment, meaning no products are meant to go in the vagina. All of the treatments take place on the mons pubis. However, if someone who is inexperienced and poorly trained gets their hands around your vagina there is always a risk of infection and/or discomfort. This is why it is important to do your research, ask questions, and find a highly recommended and trusted esthetician to perform this treatment. 


Bikini Therapy is a cosmetic procedure, NOT a medical procedure. Similar to your waxing service, you’ll have much better results if you let a professional esthetician handle the job. We are experienced in providing Bikini Therapy and work with the best products and knowledge to provide a wonderful service with great results. 


What aftercare is good to use?

Quality aftercare is essential in maintaining the results of your Bikini Therapy treatment. You can check out our recommendations here. (Link


Is Bikini Therapy cleansing?

No. This is also not a v-steam. This treatment is meant as a topical treatment only and while we will cleanse the skin on the pubic mound, it should not be treated as a cleansing treatment.