If you're visiting this website, then you're obviously a little bit curious about getting waxed. I'm sure you'd also like to know who you're going to be entrusting your hair removal to and that would be me! My name is Kiki Behr and I am the owner of Behr & Bush Wax and Beauty. I am a new wife and a mom to 4 lovely fur babies! I am insane about dogs and all animals. I love to travel and I am a collector of cookbooks. I really love learning about all types of new things! I enjoy making people feel beautiful in their own skin which ultimately lead me to this career.


​      I have been a licensed esthetician since 2012 and truly love what I do.  Many people ask how I got into waxing. Honestly, I sort of fell into it. I should have known that the girl who used to remove her facial hair with packaging tape would end up in this industry! My mother is a hairdresser and I knew I would never do that. I hated even doing my own hair! I have always loved the beauty industry though. One day, I was doing my friend's makeup before a girl's night out and she asked why I didn't attend school for it. It was something I had never seriously asked myself. At the time, I was kind of just floating through life with no real goals for the future. I signed up for beauty school that week and was in the next month. I fell in love! I loved learning about products, ingredients, and skin care, but most of all I loved waxing. It gave me instant gratification and amazed me how removing a few hairs made people feel so much better! Once I graduated, I perfected my skills which lead me to you today.


     After working in some of Colorado's most popular waxing salons, I decided to go into business for myself so I can give guests the highest standards of customer service with the utmost focus on efficient and skillful work.  I have a natural gift for putting guests at ease and love to share my expertise. I have a true passion for making people feel good in their own skin, and I can assure you that you will leave my studio feeling happy, confident, and most importantly hair free. I am sure to continue my education in the industry's latest treatments, products, and trends so that I can continue to pass my knowledge onto my clients. So, if there is ever anything you were curious about, feel free to ask! No questions are off limits. I can't wait to see you soon!